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April 20: Animal Kingdom Expo 

Welcome to Animal Kingdom Expo! A free all-day event all about animals! Come learn more about animal science and care. Visit with animals and a variety of research, care, and conservation experts working with animals both at home and in the wild. Find out more about animal-related career and volunteer opportunities you can pursue right here in our area.

Check out these and other free STEM activities today!

  • Discover how scientists work with animals, including tracking wolves in the wild!
  • Visit with therapy dogs, brush goats, and feed chickens!
  • Meet an Egyptian Arabian horse-one of the oldest horse breeds in the world!
  • Find out more about animal and species survival, and how you can help!
  • Learn more about the vital roles all sorts of animals play both on earth and out in space!
  • Get a closer look at aquatic animals without backbones and animal brains!
  • Discover something new about pet safety and pet care!

Special Presentations at GameXP Stage:

11:00 am: Who is Hooting in Your Backyard?

Brenda Hente, Certified Missouri Master Naturalist

Come find out about the four owls that live in the state of Missouri all year long who might be hooting in your backyard!


1:00 pm: Animals and Us

Karen Lucy

Animals R Us

Meet a blue-tailed skink and a red-foot tortoise, and learn more about the unique impact animals can have, especially on the lives of children.


3:00 pm: A Day in the Life of a Zoo Veterinarian

Christopher Hanley, DVM

Staff Veterinarian

Saint Louis Zoo

Meet a Zoo vet, and see what it’s like to care for animals at the Saint Louis Zoo!

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Animal Kingdom Expo Partners and Activities

    • Visit with assistance dogs and the people who work with them at Duo
    • Play the Animal Rehab Game with Wildlife Rescue Center
    • Visit with therapy dog teams that work at Louis Children’s Hospital-PAWS for Hope
    • Say “Bye to Bags” and learn more about palm oil and animal conservation efforts with the Saint Louis Zoo
    • Discover how the Saint Louis Zoo Wildcare Institute is helping save endangered species and their habitats worldwide
    • Try your skill at “Eat This, Not That”, and discover what dogs can and cannot eat and why with Purina Farms
    • Discover what wildlife corridors are, and why they are important for animal species survival with Friends of the Rainforest
    • Get a close-up look at a variety of aquatic animals without a backbone with Lincoln University of Missouri
    • Interact with a group of chickens using live insect treats in the Life Science Lab Classroom with Lincoln University of Missouri
    • Check out special activity benches previewing Save the Frogs Day
  • GROW
    • Brush and feed nanny goats with Naeger Goat Farm
    • Meet April, an Egyptian Arabian horse, and learn more about one of the oldest horse breeds in the world with Whitney Amelong
    • Visit with retired racing greyhounds and Greyhound Companions of Missouri
    • Watch special search and rescue dog team demonstrations with Eureka Fire Protection District
Preschool Science Series at SciFest!
  • SciFest-themed classes designed for young children, ages 3-5.
  • Tickets required. $8 per member child (ages 3+); $10 non-members.
  • One adult per 4 children required. Reservations available and recommended as space is limited.
  • Saturday, April 20, 2019 10-10:45 am Plant Power!

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Parking: Regular price at the Oakland Lot and free at the McDonnell Planetarium Lot
Location: Entire Science Center Campus


April 20
9:30 am - 4:30 pm