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July 20: Apollo 50 Anniversary Moon Landing Party

Welcome to our Apollo 50th Anniversary Moon Landing Party! Join us at this free all-day event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing! Meet aeronautics and astronautics professionals, including Moon landing experts, and discover more about the science, technology, ingenuity and effort involved in getting us to the Moon and back! Explore what it might take to get us back to the Moon and beyond!

Check out these free features and activities today!

  • Special commemorative sticker. (while supplies last)
  • Astronaut in Training activity program.
  • Rocket launch competition.
  • Meet and greet with engineers and eyewitnesses from Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs.
  • Drone demonstrations.
  • Solar telescope viewing.
  • Aviation challenges.
  • Create craters, lunar rovers and landers.
  • Moon and Mars presentations.
  • Coffee drinking and growing plants in space.
  • Viewing historic Apollo memorabilia.
  • Gyro Ball and inflatable Rocket Crawl experience.
  • Lunar Lager and Moon Walker Whiskey sampling.
  • Sign up to send your name to Mars with the Mars 2020 Rover!
Special Presentations at Energy Stage

10:15 am Boss Toss–Splashdown!
Watch this latest version of the Boss Toss, and see which capsule makes the best splashdown landing!

11:15 am Moonstruck
Dr. Michael Bouchard, Washington University in St. Louis Earth and Planetary Sciences Department/NASA Earth and Space Sciences Fellow
Explore what the Apollo program taught us about the Moon and why it matters.

12:15 pm Drone Technology
Bronwyn Morgan, Airversity Drone Pilot Academy
Investigate aviation and aerospace innovation with drones, and how drones are shaping the future of work and transportation.

1:15 pm Artemis 2024
Christine Nobbe, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassadors
Come find out more about NASA’s Artemis 2024 mission back to the Moon!

2:15 pm Exploring the Moon Fifty Years After Apollo 11
Dr. Brad Jolliff, Washington University in St. Louis
Discover the legacy of Apollo 11 and what comes next in the exploration of the Moon.

3:00 pm Apollo Moon Landing Countdown
Dr. Brad Jolliff, Washington University in St. Louis
Join us for a special Facebook live stream of a countdown to 3:17pm, when the Apollo 11 Lunar Module landed on the Moon 50 years ago! Stay for a flag-planting photo op on the Energy Stage.

4:15 pm Fireside Chat with MAC’s Old Team
Dean Purdy, Norm Beckel, Earl Robb, and Jerry Roberts
Come hear stories from engineers who worked on the first human spaceflight programs, Mercury and Gemini.

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Apollo 50th Anniversary Moon Landing Party Partners and Activities

    • Pick up your special commemorative sticker for the day!
    • Register for the Astronaut in Training Program and complete activities throughout the SLSC! (10am-5pm)
    • Meet Alfred Hassebrock, and share memorabilia and stories of his experience on the USS Arlington with Apollo 8, 10, and 11 splashdowns
    • Build a comet and a meteorite model with Washington University in St. Louis Women in STEM
    • Check out a variety of artifacts honoring the Apollo 11 landing with St. Louis Space Frontier
    • Investigate making and drinking coffee in space, and find out more about the Artemis 2024 mission with NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassadors
    • Meet and visit with Melvin Bien, a helmsman on the Apollo 8 recovery team
    • Watch a real-time journey through the Apollo 11 landing and see Moon images and materials from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter with Dr. Brad Jolliff and Dr. Michael Bouchard from Washington University in St. Louis
    • Build Lunar rovers and landers and create craters with AIAA STL
    • Complete a Health in Space Astronaut in Training activity in the Life Science Lab Classroom. 10am-5pm
    • Complete an AstroMania Astronaut in Training activity. 10am-5pm
  • GROW (outdoor gallery)
    • Sample Lunar Lager with Schlafly Bottleworks (21 and up) 2pm-3pm only
    • Sample Moon Walker Whiskey with StilL 630 Distillery (21 and up) 11am-5pm
    • Drive a Moon Buggy! (activity fee)
    • Learn more about growing plants in space with MARSfarm
    • Complete a MARSfarm Astronaut in Training activity. 10am-5pm
  • Try aviation challenges and activities with GSLFIA (Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association
  • Create model helicopter blades with Women in Aviation (WAI)—St. Louis
  • Find where you live on a St. Louis aviation map, and identify model airplane parts with Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC)
  • Check out drone equipment and demonstrations with Airversity Drone Pilot Academy
  • Design your own paper airplane and test it in a competition (prizes awarded!) with Wings of Hope
  • Do an Earth/Moon Soil Astronaut in Training activity. 10am-5pm
  • Do a crater drop, create straw rockets, match Moon phases, and check out gravity suitcases and an Earth/Moon size demo with Youth Exploring Science (YES) Teens—Aerospace
  • Complete a Space Helmet Astronaut in Training activity in MakerSpace Classroom 10am-5pm
  • Special showing of Magnificent Desolation at 1pm
  • Discover how to view the Moon and stars with telescopes and binoculars with International Dark Sky Association—Missouri
  • Get a close-up look at astronomy displays and look at the Sun using a solar telescope with St. Louis Astronomical Society
  • Complete a Moon/Mars Distance Challenge Astronaut in Training activity 10am-5pm
  • Check out Moon and space-themed VR and Ride Simulator experiences (activity fee)
  • Participate in a rocket launch competition (ages 7 and up) with St. Louis Rocketry Association (SLRA). Prizes awarded at 2:30pm awards ceremony.
    In-kind support provided by The Space Museum
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Parking: Regular price at the Oakland Lot and free at the McDonnell Planetarium Lot
Location: Entire Science Center Campus


July 20, 2019
9:30 am - 5:30 pm