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Join us in GROW for an ever-changing array of daily hands on activities and demos. Not only will you learn the journey of farm to fork, you will learn the scientific processes that turn seeds into towering plants and vining fruits. From COMBINE to backyard, we bring our visitors into the story of agriculture and the ways technology is shaping food and farming. Click Here for Special Programs

  • Visit our CHICKEN COOP and hear the story behind the egg. Our flock of birds are on site every day and ready to peak your curiosity. Learn how to make a seed treat for the chickens, what you need to start raising your own birds, or even about how humans have shaped the genetics of birds through selective breeding.
  • Get your hands dirty with the worms in our VERMICOMPOSTING. We invite young and old to an intimate look at earthworms and their important role in agriculture and soil health. Measure, observe and witness this amazing invertebrate.
  • MEET THE FARMERS who grow our food and raise our animals with rotating. Through interactive exhibits and visits from farmers, learn more about the animals raised tor food and what it takes to be a farmer. Gain knowledge of animal biology and see the animals up close and personal. Watch our website and social media sites for visit announcements.
  • Ever hear of an AG-BOT? Technology and farming go hand in hand as you will witness with this specially designed agriculture robot. Roaming the rows and gathering data, this AG-BOT helps farmers make decisions about how to care for their crops. Hear how this robot is working to gather on-site research for a local university.

And, what exhibit on agriculture would be complete without FOOD DEMONSTRATIONS and BEER AND WINE TASTINGS for adults. Visit the FERMENTATION STATION for refreshing beverages and snacks and learn from local brewers and wine makers the science of fermentation. Staff and volunteers regularly invite visitors to taste what we are growing and witness how this changes seasonally.

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