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The Discovery of King Tut

His Tomb, His Treasures, The Breathtaking Recreation 

Open from May 27, 2017 to January 7, 2018

Walk in the footsteps of archaeologist Howard Carter and experience the tomb and all its treasure as they were at the moment of discovery. The special exhibition will feature a total of 1,000 breathtaking recreations that were scientifically and expertly hand-crafted over five years by leading Egyptian artisans. 

Experience what the tomb of King Tutankhamun was like at the moment of discovery in 1922. This exhibition allows you to experience the background of this historic discovery, and to get to know the most important artifacts through stunning and scientifically produced reconstructions. These remarkable, individual presentations allow you to experience the treasures of King Tut’s tomb without compromising the fragile originals, most of which are not permitted to leave Egypt.

In this exhibition, you will learn about the wider culture of ancient Egypt with fascinating insights into the Egyptians’ belief in the afterlife, and their efforts to overcome their fate and conquer death. A three-dimensional, astonishingly accurate recreation of the excavation site allows you to marvel at the exquisite breathtaking burial treasure ensuring that you leave The Discovery of King Tut exhilarated by having seen something very special in an experience you’ll never forget.

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Special exhibition tickets include audio guides for adults and children featuring narration right from Howard Carter’s diaries.

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Free for Children 7 and under.

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Featured Treasures

Shrine of King Tutankhamun
Golden Mummy Cases
Tomb Treasures
Golden Mummy Case
Rosetta Stone