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With the OMNIMAX® Theater closing temporarily at the end of July until November, Film requests are no longer available for groups. This may return in the future. This page is here for historical purposes only for some of the movies that played in the OMNIMAX Theater.

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Dream Big: Engineering our World – 2017

Narrated by Academy Award® winner Jeff Bridges, Dream Big: Engineering Our World is a first of its kind film for IMAX® and giant screen theatres that will transform how we think about engineering. From the Great Wall of China and the world’s tallest buildings, to underwater robots, solar cars and smart, sustainable cities, Dream Big celebrates the human ingenuity behind engineering marvels big and small, and reveals the heart that drives engineers to create better lives for people around the world.

Extreme Weather – 2016

Extreme Weather will take you on a journey, from ice to fire to tornados, while illustrating how all of these extreme elements are connected. Understanding this interconnectedness is one of the keys to living in a world where extreme weather is becoming the norm. And scientists are working to unlock other keys that will help us predict and survive the extreme weather to come.

Mystery of the Nile – 2005

A breathtaking, cinematic adventure that takes you on an expedition down the world’s greatest and most deadly river, the Blue Nile. For 114 days, a team of explorers led by Pasquale Scaturro and Gordon Brown face seemingly insurmountable challenges as they make their way along all 3,260 miles of the river to become the first in history to complete a full descent of the Blue Nile from source to sea.

Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag – 2004

Take a trip with John “Otter” Stratton on his F-15 fighter aircraft as he takes on the most challenging missions a fighter pilot faces during his career. Red Flag is where pilots and other important team members get their final training before going into real-life combat.

Space Station – 2002

Narrated by Tom Cruise, Space Station is the first cinematic journey to the International Space Station (ISS), where you can experience for yourself life in zero gravity aboard the new station. You will blast off into space with the astronauts and cosmonauts to see their new home in orbit 220 miles above Earth.

The Greatest Places – 1998

A large-format film that takes you on an educational journey to seven of the most geographically dynamic locations on Earth, including Greenland, Madagascar, Namib, Okavango, Tibet, Iguazu and the Amazon. (Closed captions are not available for this film.)