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Remember When…

Exhibitions happened in the Exploradome.

The Exploradome was removed and replaced with what is now our GROW Gallery.

The Ames Room deceived your eyes.

Now in its place is a gallery for gameplay called GameXPloration.

An “alien xenologist” had a live stage show called the Alien Research Project.

Today, Energy Stage is a hub for many different live science demonstrations.

The main lobby featured the Aviation Gallery.

Science Center segways were seen around town.

You ate in Einstein’s Café.

Now, we have Science Café, The Loft, EZ Pizza and Starlite Cup.

The original Med Tech Gallery let you take your weight, height and blood pressure.

The gallery space is now home to Experience Flight simulator rides.

The tunnel connecting the main building and the Planetarium revealed what lurked beneath.

The tunnel now displays traveling exhibits and pieces of our extensive collections.

You could explore science outside in Science Park.

Science Park was removed 10 years ago.



The 1996 Science Center lives on in this archived Saint Louis Science Center website. Take a look.

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