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Science at Sunset

Every Thursday

June 1-August 10 from 5-8 pm

Join us for Science at Sunset Thursdays this summer! Enjoy food and drink specials and live music in our newest outdoor exhibit, GROW. Experience our galleries after hours, and explore The Discovery of King Tut exhibition at discounted evening prices. 5-8pm Thursdays this summer.

  • Live Music each week featuring local bands.
  • Food and drink specials at the Fermentation Station in GROW including Fitz’s Hard Root Beer, O’Fallon, Kumbucha beers and local wines.
  • The Discovery of King Tut special exhibition discount tickets! As always Members enjoy 50% off special exhibition tickets plus discounted evening tickets are available for non-members.
  • GROW Speaker Series every Thursday at 6:30 pm.


June 1:  Medicinal Plants

Author of Grow Create Inspire and farmer, Crystal Stevens, will discuss medicinal plants and involving kids in gardening.

June 8:  Native Bees

Learn about bee populations in urban areas with Gerardo Camilo, PhD, and how to attract pollinators.

June 15:  Weeds for Fuel & Feed

Meet Jerry Steiner, Arvegenix CEO and learn how the local start up is exploring pennycress, a common weed, as a biodiesel crop.

June 22:  Backyard Chickens Raising 101

The Purina Animal Nutrition Team will share what it takes to have a healthy flock of chickens in your backyard.

June 29:  Drought & Crops

Saint Louis University’s Center for Sustainability research team will discuss the effects of drought on crops and data collection technology.

July 6:  Diversified Farming

Learn how farmers benefit from crop rotation, livestock farming and cover crops with Todd Geisert of Geisert Farms, Washington, MO.

July 13:  Perennial Agriculture

Allison Miller, PhD, Saint Louis University Associate Professor of Biology will share her research findings on perennial food and oil crops.

July 20:  The Prairie & Agriculture

Meet Carol Davit from the Missouri Prairie Foundation, and Jared Gregg, Gregg Farms and how farmers are incorporating prairie plantings.

July 27:  Pig Poo & Prairies

Learn how agricultural and industrial wastes are converted with Rudi Roeslein, owner and developer of renewable energy facilities.

August 3:  Mead Making

Yes, you can learn to turn honey to wine. Meet Stuart Keating from Earthbound Brewing Company and learn the buzz on this growing home hobby.

August 10:  Honey Bee Basics

Learn bee keeping basics and see if this “sweet” hobby is for you.