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Winter Science Blast Camp Descriptions And Dates

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December 21 

Morning: DO Try This at Home

Ever watch those fizzing, slimy, messy fun science experiments on YouTube and wanted to try it yourself? Well now you can! Join us for lots of hands-on science experiments and find many more to try at home.

Afternoon: Ultimate Upcycle

Bring your unique, visionary genius and make works of art, gadgets, and gizmos from the stuff we usually throw away. Get in touch with your creative side as we turn rubbish to robots while working in our very own Maker Space.

December 22 

Morning: Winter Wonderland

Explore the fascinating phenomena of the winter season. Why does it snow instead of rain? What about sleet, hail, and freezing rain? We’ll experiment with water, dry ice, and other cold substances, and make giant snowflakes to take home.

Afternoon: Hungry Scientist

You’ll certainly work up an appetite as we use science to create sweet and savory foods. Discover how good your taste buds are by doing blind taste tests. Even enjoy a few cool and creamy treats in class as we examine the science behind food.

December 26 

Morning: Lights, Camera, Science!

Ever wondered what it’d be like to create your own characters and story line? Join us and learn about rhythm and frame rates, storyboarding and the art of building your own characters and sets. We’ll bring it all together and create our own stop motion animation.

Afternoon: Design and Destroy

If you build it, will it fall? Learn about the construction techniques that go into building some of the world’s largest structures, such as bridges, dams, and skyscrapers. Then, try your hand at building your own large scale version! Will it buckle under the pressure? Or can it stand the test of time?

December 27 

Morning: RAWWR Dinosaur!

Attention dinosaur lovers! Become a junior paleontologist as we learn about these amazing prehistoric creatures. Dig for fossils along with a real scientists and learn how to identify different types of dinosaurs. Through fun, hands-on activities learn how dinosaurs ruled the earth millions of years ago.

Afternoon: Science Safari

Join us as we learn all about the wide world of animals and how they live and work together. Explore animal adaptations and behaviors and create your own animals based off of these different attributes.

December 28 

Morning: Forces of Flight

Come and learn about the forces of flight! We will figure out what makes things go up or why they fall to the ground. You will then use your new found flight skills to construct the perfect paper airplane to compete in our challenge and maybe even get to participate in a flight simulation.

Afternoon: Junior Astronaut Academy

Indulge your curiosity and learn all about our solar system by exploring and investigating the planetary surfaces. Use teamwork to design, engineer, and build your own space station and probe from recycled materials and conduct research on other planets.

December 29 

Morning: The Light Side of Science

No need to travel to a galaxy far, far away! The Forces of nature are the same right here on Earth! Use the force of electromagnetism to levitate objects, or the force of gravity to propel them forward! How do these forces affect our everyday life? Will you use this knowledge for the light, or the dark side?

Afternoon: Lens to Another Reality

Discover what awaits in a different reality from our own. Trick the human brain
into thinking something exists when it doesn’t, or doesn’t when it does! Even
take home your own Augmented/Virtual Reality viewer.

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