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STEM Excellence Pathway

Planning for STEM Excellence

The Saint Louis Science Center, in partnership with the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is excited to offer the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway®. Launching in the 2017-2018 school year with a cohort of 13 local schools and districts, this initiative is built on the belief that schools and teachers can work together to improve their STEM education practices.

The Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway® was awarded the 2015 Roy L. Shafer Leading Edge Award for Business Practice from the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC). This international organization unites more than 600 science centers and museums dedicated to encouraging public engagement with science among diverse audiences. In 2017, the Saint Louis Science Center will be one of four institutions adopting and providing the Pathway to local schools and districts.

Please click here to find out more about the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway®.

Designed to help the widest range of school districts adopt best practices in STEM education, the Pathway includes:

  • Processes and tools for assessing current STEM programming and creating a practical plan for improvement
  • Guides for developing specific steps that schools or districts can follow to improve STEM education
  • Support for teacher professional development and district-to-district mentoring
  • Recognition for schools that embrace and move toward effective STEM education

One facet of the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway® is a “Self-Evaluation Rubric,” with which participating schools and districts can evaluate their standing in six STEM learning components:

  • Teacher Qualifications and Development
  • Curriculum
  • Instructional Practices
  • Assessment and Demonstration of Skills
  • Family Engagement
  • Real-World Connections

Within each component are several “Priority Areas” with specific criteria and performance level descriptions. After rating themselves on each, schools and districts select up to three areas which they intend to focus upon and create an “Action Plan” in order to address these areas of concern. This plan is designed to be a realistic path to improvement with concrete, measurable goals that schools design and build themselves, helping them to stay on target in their improvement process.

Through periodic reassessment and repetition of this process, schools and districts progress to higher levels of STEM education excellence. This cycle proves beneficial to all schools, regardless of their current STEM offerings.

The Pathway fosters thinking about long-term, strategic goals with a focus on continuous growth. It helps identify the tenets of quality STEM education and aids implementation. The Pathway is non-punitive—instead, it’s envisioned as a long-term, goal-oriented, encouraging approach. Learn through first-hand testimonials about how the Pathway is making an impact on schools across the country.

The Self-Evaluation Rubric is available through the Saint Louis Science Center’s Gateway to STEM, a facet of the Carnegie Science Center’s STEMisphere®. In order to be successful, it is paramount that teachers have access to resources to assist in their implementation of STEM. Gateway to STEM is a free community service that provides teachers, parents and even students themselves access to educational STEM resources for pre-K through 12th grades across the region.

If your school is interested in learning more about the STEM Excellence Pathway through the Saint Louis Science Center, or for information about adding programs to the Gateway to STEM database, please contact Jared Farmer, Manager of Teacher Programs at 314-246-4623.

For a copy of this information in PDF form, you can download the STEM Excellence Pathway and Gateway to STEM PDF.

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