The old OMNIMAX Theater screen is being replaced with a new NanoSeam™ screen by Spitz. This screen replaces the old screen that had visible seams between the screen panels. With the NanoSeam™ screen you will no longer see any lines, making for an even better viewing experience than before.

Removing and replacing the screen panels is no small task. The Theater is five stories high, and the screen is made up of more than 400 panels. A complex scaffolding structure was built in the theater so workers could reach each panel. In the video below, you can see the scaffolding being erected and the screen panels being removed. It takes almost eight weeks to finish replacing the dome. Each panel has to be carefully cut and placed to create a seamless surface.

After the upgrade, the OMNIMAX will be the only IMAX with Laser in a Dome theater in the region, providing a greater experience and have a wider variety of choices in film selection.

The renovated Theater is scheduled to open in late November.

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