Construction underway as Theater will be transformed to digital IMAX® with Laser

Construction has begun in the OMNIMAX® Theater as crews remove the film projection system and the theater seats. In place of the original film projection system will be a state-of-the-art system with next-generation laser technology designed specifically for domed theater environments-IMAX® with Laser.

The new theater seats will be wider with retractable armrests for a comfortable viewing experience.

See the construction so far in the images below.

Film projection system removed

The original film projection system, first installed in 1991, is removed from the projection room

Theater seats removed

The theater seats are removed from the seating deck.

After the upgrade, the OMNIMAX will be the only IMAX with Laser in a Dome theater in the region, providing a greater experience and have a wider variety of choices in film selection.

The renovated Theater is scheduled to open in late November.

For more information about the digital upgrade of the Theater, please read how the Omnimax Theater will be transformed with next-generation IMAX with Laser

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