In 2019, the Saint Louis Science Center renovated the OMNIMAX® Theater. In this time-lapse video you can watch as all the work unfolds inside the dome. The OMNIMAX theater was closed from August to November while this work was done.

You can watch as all the seats and carpeting are taken out, and the old screen comes down. The screen took the majority of the time in the renovation of the inside of the theater. Once the old screen is removed, the new NanoScreen technology is then put into place. This is a rare glimpse at the OMNIMAX Theater’s dome exoskeleton!

Once the screen is complete the seating area gets completely built with new wider seats with retractable armrests, new carpeting, lighting and the eventually testing of the new IMAX® with Laser projector.

In our next update, we’ll show you the outside projector booth and how the old film projector was removed and the new laser projector was installed.

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