The Constellations


Ancient Guides, Modern Wonders

Constellations are your map to the night sky. These patterns have been passed down from culture to culture and help us locate objects of interest in astronomy while providing us a way to travel back in time to explore the people who gazed upon these same stars before us.

Explore the patterns that change overhead throughout the year in this live star show.

Average Show Length: 40-45 minutes

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Bring Order To The Cosmos

For ancient astronomers, the constellations were not only the products of scientific pursuits but often times also served as a means to understand their world and their very existence. Cultures around the world developed rich traditions seeped in astronomy that included their own interpretation of the constellations. Join us for this live presentation as we explore all about the constellations in our night skies.

This live show will explore:

  • What constellations are and how to find them.
  • Various constellations that can be seen at different seasons.
  • Cultural and scientific uses of constellations throughout the ages.

Recommended for all audiences.

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