Boy Scout Badge Descriptions

Working together as a unit, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts of all ages will learn science and build stronger bonds while achieving some or all of the requirements for hard-to-get badges. You can schedule workshops and programs at the time and place of your choice. Choose any or all of the badges listed below.

Tiger Badges

Sky is the Limit

Tigers will learn all about the night sky while earning this badge. They’ll learn about jobs that use astronomy, try their hand at using a telescope, discover constellations, and even create their own pattern of stars to take home.

Wolf Badges

Air of the Wolf

Investigate the different principles of the air around us. The scouts will create vehicles, toys, and musical instruments that all use air in order to work.

Digging in the Past

Everyone loves dinosaurs! Scouts will find out what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur in this badge. They’ll also get to dig like a paleontologist, create a fossil cast to take home, and eat a sweet snack that will teach them about fossil layers.

Germs Alive!

Germs are everywhere! Wolves will get to learn all about the different types of germs and how they spread. Some activities include making a mold garden and fake mucus.

Grow Something

In Grow Something, scouts will learn all about seeds, plants, and gardens. They will create and take home their very own mini-gardens and terrariums.

Motor Away

Boats, planes, and automobiles are the focus in this badge. Scouts will create and fly different paper airplanes, test two different boats, and create a self-powered car.

Bear Badges


Bears will discuss forensics and how it can be used to help solves crimes. They will learn about fingerprinting and chromatography, and will analyze different substances and shoe imprints.


In this badge, Bears will delve into the world of robots. They will get to interact with real robots, design a robot hand, and try to build their own robot.

Super Science

For Super Science, scouts get to be scientists and investigate the world around them. They’ll play with static electricity, density, and pH.

Webelos Badges

Adventures in Science

Scouts will discuss the foundations of science and what makes a fair test, and will use the scientific method to carry out an experiment. They’ll also learn why scale models are important in science.


Webelos get to dive into the world of engineers in this badge. They’ll cover different types and fields of engineering, and will use various engineering principles to design and build their own catapult.

Earth Rocks!

In Earth Rocks!, scouts will learn about rocks and the different properties each holds. They’ll talk about the different geological formations around the world and even get to talk to a real paleontologist (on-site only).

Game Design

Scouts will discuss video gaming and internet safety. Afterwards, they will take time to create their own video game levels and test them on their fellow scouts.

Into the Wild

Scouts will learn what resources living beings require, all while observing and discussing local wildlife.

Into the Woods

Scouts will discover how forests and plants grow. They’ll also develop the skills needed to use a dichotomous key to identify a tree or two.