Girl Scout Badge Descriptions

As a group, your Scouts will have fun learning science and completing badge requirements. Schedule workshops and programs at the time and place of your choice. Girl Scout troops can choose any or all of the badges listed below:

Daisy Badges

Rose Petal

Daisies will make the world a better place by learning how to help the environment. The girls will discover ways they can make a difference by recycling, conserving water, and making their own handy garden to take home.

How Robots Move

In this badge, Daisies get to learn all about robots. They’ll meet, interact with, and even try their hand at programming with two different robots. This badge can only be earned on-site at the Saint Louis Science Center.

Brownie Badges


What does it take for a creepy-crawler to be an insect? Brownies will identify what makes an insect unique and why they’re worth protecting. They will study insects up close and use their imagination to make their own insect to take home.

Home Scientist

Brownies will discover different science activities they can do right in their own home! Scouts will grow crystals, play with electricity, and blow up a balloon using household ingredients. Lastly, they will prepare to concoct everyone’s favorite experiment: slime!


Brownies will explore their senses and learn why each is important to us. This workshop will present fun challenges for scouts to solve using their sense of taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound. They’ll trick their brains with optical illusions and gain a new perspective by experiencing what life would be like without one of their senses.


Brownies will get creative in this hands-on workshop. The girls will think like an inventor and get their gears turning as they learn what it takes to build something new. They’ll put their ideas to the test to solve their everyday problems.

Junior Badges

Animal Habitats

Juniors will learn all about animals near and far. Where do they live? How do they live? Local and endangered animals will be discussed and studied for this badge.


For this badge, the girls will communicate in code, learn about different types of fingerprints, and use their observational skills to help “solve a crime.”

Entertainment Technology

Dive into the world of technology. Scouts will try their hand at video game development, learn how animation and green screens work, and test out physics utilized on rollercoasters (unfortunately no roller coasters will be ridden in this session). End the day with a fiery concert.


Not all plants come from seeds. Juniors will learn how different plants grow and discover that gardens can do more than just provide food. The girls will learn why a garden’s layout is important, what it takes to start their own garden, and even take home their own garden experiment.


Juniors will explore the versatility of flowers. They’ll assemble seed bombs to add beauty to alleys and vacant lots and experiment with changing a flower’s color. The girls will make their own floral arrangements and learn how to preserve a flower to keep.

Product Designer

A lot goes into designing a new product. Find out what it takes to put a new product on the market and create your own product to take home.

Cadette Badges

Public Speaking

Some people find public speaking to be a terrifying activity, but this badge helps Girl Scouts get over their fear. Scouts will learn different techniques, practice improvisational skills, and do a final performance at the end of the session.

Special Agent

Brush up on your crime solving skills while earning this badge. The girls will get a chance to delve into forensics, learn about body language, and draw conclusions from careful observations.

Senior Badges


In this badge, Seniors will build a rocket and take their imaginations to space to learn the constellations and the stories behind them. They’ll research air pollution laws and prevention tactics, and view a show in our McDonnell Planetarium.



Learn about locally sourced foods and recipes. See what’s local to Missouri and how to find in-season produce. Earn the badge by making a cool treat to eat.