Collections Tour – Archaeology

Thank you for joining us during our virtual collections tour with our Collections Manager, Kristina Hampton, as she explores the Saint Louis Science Center’s collection of archaeology objects. Watch the tour again or hear the answers to questions our members submitted about the collection items below.

Questions And Answers

Does the Science Center have any connections with any of the archaeological digs going on at Cahokia Mounds or other local sites needing (seriously) unskilled labor?

Does the Science Center have any connections with any international archaeological digs, especially in Eastern Europe?

You mentioned a gloss on some of the digging tools that had shown heavy use. Is this natural from the friction or human as a means to protect them.

We had a question about ear plugs, which ultimately was asking what they were used for.

The replica objects were very good representations. Is that a common practice when sending objects out on loan? What are the benefits?

Do researchers access the archaeological collection to study the objects?