Member Mission: The Science of Early Childhood Learning

Members were invited for a special at-home screening of the documentary film No Small Matter for free. You submitted your questions about the film for the chance to have them answered by the Discovery Room’s Emily Lemonds, manager of early childhood education at the Science Center, and here are your answers!

Questions & Answers

Welcome from Emily

Can the education begin even before birth? If so, what activities are recommended?

Generating a sense of safety in the child is important, but can too much generate dependency and insecurity on the long term? Is there something like the right amount of care?

For a stay-at-home mom, what activities are recommended? Are there programs or guides about how to start that early education at home? And… What other materials (books, videos, documentaries, trainings…) would you recommend for the parents to start the early education at home if they are not sending their kids to a daycare or learning center?

How is the increased amount of screen time effecting brain development in the early childhood years?

Thank you so much for showing this incredible and timely film! I have an MAT in Early Childhood and had to leave the field in 2009 because of the pay, so it definitely hit home. Can you please discuss concrete things that individuals can do in Missouri to help move the field forward?

Thank you from Emily