Da Vinci The Exhibition Opening at the Saint Louis Science Center on January 11

A comprehensive look at life and work of the original Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci ST. LOUIS – December 12, 2019 – The Saint Louis Science Center will open Da Vinci The Exhibition on Jan.11, 2020. The 7,000 square-foot special exhibition follows the Renaissance master, Leonardo da Vinci, on a journey of innovation, creativity, science,… Continue reading

The Saint Louis Science Center to Open Renovated OMNIMAX® Theater

New features include IMAX® with Laser, new sound and seating, better accessibility and more ST. LOUIS – November 21, 2019 – The Saint Louis Science Center is reopening the newly renovated OMNIMAX Theater on Friday, November 29, after undergoing a four-month, comprehensive update –the largest since the theater opened in 1991. The renovated OMNIMAX Theater… Continue reading

The Fractals of Frozen II

Crystal Formation and the Powers of Elsa Elsa, the princess of Arendelle, was born with the ability to create and control ice and snow. When Elsa accidentally uses her powers to develop an infinite winter, her sister, Anna takes action to change the bitter weather conditions. Frozen 2 takes us on a journey to find… Continue reading

50 Years Ago – Apollo 12 on the Moon

Whoopee!! 50 years ago this week the second manned mission to the Moon had commenced with Commander Charles “Pete” Conrad, Command Module Pilot (CMP) Richard F. Gordon and Lunar Module Pilot (LMP) Alan L. Bean aboard the lunar module. During the launch, lightning struck the Saturn V rocket, resulting in the launch controllers to lose… Continue reading

Science Uncorked: How to Enjoy your Wine

Let’s face it, you love your wine – but what is the rule of thumb for properly enjoying it? Check out these three helpful tips on how you should be enjoying yours. Tip 1: “Swirling” a glass of wine before tasting it will aerate the wine and release its aromas. Aeration is the infusion of… Continue reading

Science Uncorked: The Wine Production Process

You know you love it, but do you know how it’s made? Checkout the science behind wine and winemaking in these 5 steps of the wine production process. STEP ONE: Harvesting The first step in the wine production process is to harvest the grapes. Did you know that grapes are the only fruit that contain… Continue reading

Not so scary: Real “monsters” maybe scary, but they offer many benefits to our ecosystem

Hairy, poisonous, slimey, or scaley – How real “monsters” have a positive impact on our ecosystem. OWL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Tytonidae (barn-owls) and Strigidae (true owls) CLASSIFICATION: Bird DIET: Carnivore SIZE: Varies depending on the species; anywhere from 1 to 9 pounds AVERAGE LIFESPAN: 4 years (barn owls) Legends and myths regarding the fierce qualities of… Continue reading

How to Be A Better Wine Taster, According to Scientists

With the Science Center’s annual Science Uncorked special event fast approaching, it’s nearly time to bust out the tasting glasses and get to sampling. But what do you do when you aren’t confident in your ability to tell what distinguishes a cabernet from a merlot, or a chardonnay from a riesling? The world of wine… Continue reading