OMNIMAX® Theater will be transformed with next-generation IMAX® with Laser

OMNIMAX Theater will be temporarily closing July 29 and reopening in late November Since 1991, more than 8.7 million visitors have seen an OMNIMAX Theater film. The original film projection system will be replaced with next-generation laser technology designed specifically for domed theater environments-IMAX® with Laser. “The Science Center is thrilled to make this major… Continue reading

GROW: Kohlrabi—What’s that?

In GROW we are often asked about the funny looking and hard to pronounce vegetable called “kohlrabi”. Kohlrabi is from the German word “kohl” which means cabbage and “rabi” which means turnip. That’s pretty descriptive for this plant that is thought to have developed from a wild form of cabbage and has the taste of… Continue reading

Saint Louis Science Center’s Youth Exploring Science Program Celebrates 20th Graduating Class

ST. LOUIS, MO.(April 29, 2019) – The Saint Louis Science Center’s Youth Exploring Science (YES) Program is proud to celebrate its 20th graduating class. The program works with teens from communities traditionally underrepresented in science-related career fields throughout their high school years to increase their interest in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). The… Continue reading

Support Science Learning on Give STL Day

Give STL Day is a community-wide effort to support nonprofits making a difference in the St. Louis region. Organized by the St. Louis Community Foundation to grow philanthropy in the metropolitan area, Give STL Day is a 24-hour, online giving event celebrating the varied nonprofits, their missions, and the many ways they make our region… Continue reading

Mount Vesuvius

POMPEII: THE EXHIBITION to Open at the Saint Louis Science Center Alongside New OMNIMAX® Theater Film VOLCANOES: THE FIRES OF CREATION

ST. LOUIS, MO. (APRIL 8, 2019) – On May 17, the Saint Louis Science Center will open POMPEII: THE EXHIBITION, a traveling exhibition that highlights the history of the Roman city of Pompeii and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D., which left the city destroyed –yet perfectly preserved –under 15 feet of ash… Continue reading

Astronomy Fact of the Day: March 31, 2019

Tonight around 10pm you will find a bright question mark shape of stars near the zenith. This is the constellation Leo the Lion. Leo is a zodiac constellation which means the sun, moon and planets will appear in him from time to time. Learn more about Leo the constellation.

Astronomy Fact of the Day: March 30, 2019

The moon remains the only celestial body beyond the Earth humans have traveled to. Mars is the next place we want to travel to but before that we will see humans going back to the moon. NASA to return Humans to the Moon.

Astronomy Fact of the Day: March 29, 2019

On this date in 1807 the asteroid, 4 Vesta was discovered by Heinrich Olbers. Vesta lies within the asteroid belt and was visited by the Dawn spacecraft from 2011 to 2012! Learn about Heinrich Olbers By Rudolph Suhrlandt (1781–1862) – Peter H. Richter (Hg.): Sterne, Mond, Kometen. Hauschild-Verlag, Bremen 1995, Public Domain, Link