Dream It. Build It.

If you can Dream It. You can Build It.

Build anything you dream up at our new architecture and engineering exhibit!

The Saint Louis Center’s new exhibit Dream It. Build It. will allow our guests to play, experiment, and build while being inspired by the architecture of St. Louis.


KEVA® Planks + Architecture in our new exhibit

This 2,500 sq/ft exhibit will feature over 15,000 KEVA building planks! There will also be various building models constructed from KEVA, as well as graphic panels and models of iconic buildings in St. Louis for inspiration. Many of those featured will have histories that include diverse architects or engineers.

Dream It. Build It. will be open for free exploration all day! There will be facilitators available throughout the day to get more information, feedback and answer your questions!

Dream It. Build It. will introduce our guests to the concepts of engineering, design and building, while showing the connections to real careers in St. Louis STEM industries.

In the exhibit, guests will be able to use their own creativity, as well as prompt cards to inspire the imagination and create anything from simple structures to tall skyscrapers.

Keva Planks. Every piece is exactly the same size and shape. No glue or connectors, just simple stacking.

The last piece to the Saint Louis Gateway Arch.

James S. McDonnell Planetarium construction.

KEVA Educator’s Guide

Activities & Lesson Plans for KEVA Planks

KEVA planks have diverse educational benefits.

As I have taken construction planks into classrooms, I have repeatedly seen children respond with enthusiasm to the challenges and activities I have presented to them.

KEVA planks are a great equalizer in the classroom. Children of varying abilities can find success quickly. Girls as well as boys seem to think that KEVA planks are “cool.” It also seems to grow up with the children; KEVA activities can be challenging to both a five year old and an accomplished architect.

Aside from the benefits of building creatively, KEVA planks are also a great tool for meeting specific educational goals. In social studies, building activities can be tailored to match the culture or society that you are studying. The uniformity of the planks lends itself to numerous math and science applications. The versatility of KEVA planks makes them an ideal tool for imaginative activities in art and language arts. KEVA planks gently nudge artistic minds toward science and motivates scientific, mathematically minded students to think more artistically.

These lesson plans and activities were developed during the course of conducting workshops in schools, children’s museums and science museums. These sessions are designed to transform a wide variety of topics into kinesthetic learning adventures.

Each lesson plan was written to support the particular learning objectives of the teacher. The lessons in this book are arranged in order of increasing complexity for each section. However, many of the ideas presented throughout can be modified in part or in whole to use for younger or older students. I hope you will enjoy the activities in this book. I know you will find KEVA planks to be a wonderful addition to your classroom.

Jane Fowler
Teacher and Educational Consultant



Download the KEVA Educator Guide Lesson Plans, and when you arrive you can put them into action!


KEVA planks are for everyone.

Every piece is exactly the same size and shape. No glue or connectors, just simple stacking.

Children will discover the joy of creating original works of art or cleverly designed Rube Goldberg style ball-runs. Toddlers can build safely alongside older siblings. Parents can build alongside their kids , and grown-ups can reignite their creative spark!

Learn more about what you can do, then visit Dream It. Build It. to build your dreams.

Can you build these? Show us!

Your creation may end up in our gallery of photos!


Dream it. Build it. is located on the second floor of the 5050 Oakland building. Access is available through the main entrance of the Science Center, then the stairs in the main lobby to the second floor, turn to the left and it is the first gallery on the left.


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