Preschool Science Series


The love of science starts early.

Engage your young scientist in science-related learning with the Preschool Science Series. Through interactive stories and hands-on exploration, children will engage with science, language, problem solving and social skills. Classes are offered year-round, with different topics offered each week. Each class date can be purchased individually.


GROW Gallery


This is a paid program.
To register, please call 314.289.4439. Space is limited. Reservations are required by the Friday prior to class date. One adult per four children required.

Members: $8/class
Non-members: $10/class

Preschool Science Series Changes in 2020!

3 Classes for 3 different age groups.

Class Name
Storybook STEM
Science Tots
Small Scientists
Ages3-5 year-olds18-35months6-17 months
Class LocationGROW classroomDiscovery RoomDiscovery Room
DescriptionEngineering is the process of using science and technology to solve real-world problems. Today’s preschoolers are tomorrow’s engineers and problem-solvers! In each 45-minute class we use will use a thought-provoking storybook to engage children in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) challenges. Little engineers will learn science and math concepts as they design and create solutions to problems connected to the characters in the story or their everyday lives.Research asserts that most brain development happens in the first three years of a child’s life. Each 45-minute Science Tots class is designed to provide opportunities to support brain development and learning. Toddlers and their grown-ups will explore STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) topics through songs,stories,hands-on exploration,and play. Activities will ignite curiosity and wonder in young children as well as empower parents and caregivers to support their child’s STEM learning in class and in their daily lives.Babies are born scientists. They learn through play by observing, exploring, and testing the world around them. When adults join in and support their discoveries, they learn even more. Each 45-minute Small Scientists class is designed to enable little ones and their grown-ups to interact with and explore science through stories, songs, play, and other hands-on experiences. We will explore ways parents and care givers can support and encourage their child’s science learning and over all development in class and at home.
Class Cost$10 members; $12 nonmembers$10 members; $12 nonmembers
*one adult per child
$10 members; $12 nonmembers
*one adult per child
Monthly Bundle Cost$24 members; $30 nonmembers$16 members; $20 nonmembers
*one adult per child
$16 members; $20 nonmembers
*one adult per child
Mon. Dec 16
Tue. Dec 17

Monday, December 16

Preschool Science Series: Simple Machines
10:00 am

Tuesday, December 17

Preschool Science Series: Simple Machines
10:00 am

Past Classes

  • The Art of Math
  • Brain Games
  • The Five Senses
  • Plant Power
  • Fruit!
  • Farm Animals
  • Cloudy Weather
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