Star Parties

The St. Louis Astronomical Society hosts public Star Parties at our First Friday events. Weather permitting, a number of telescopes will be set up and operators will be on hand to answer questions. Regardless of the weather outside, indoor events are scheduled and held inside McDonnell Planetarium’s Orthwein StarBay.

These events feature an extended version of our popular star show Live Sky: Tonight where we feature what is currently visible in the night sky including constellations, planets, current Moon phase and any other special astronomical events such as meteor showers or comets, etc., using our ZEISS UNIVERSARIUM Model IX projector.

2019 Star Party Schedule

Telescope Viewing Begins
Theater Opens
Live Sky Tonight
February 17:00 pm6:45 pm7:00 pm
March 17:00 pm6:45 pm7:00 pm
April 57:00 pm6:45 pm7:00 pm
May 37:00 pm6:45 pm7:00 pm
June 77:00 pm6:45 pm7:00 pm
July 57:00 pm6:45 pm7:00 pm
August 27:00 pm6:45 pm7:00 pm
September 67:00 pm6:45 pm7:00 pm
October 47:00 pm6:45 pm7:00 pm
November 17:00 pm6:45 pm7:00 pm
December 67:00 pm6:45 pm7:00 pm