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Experience Energy

Discover the power of the joule, see how energy becomes electricity and learn why energy efficiency makes a difference. Experience Energy provides over 2,200 square feet of exhibits devoted to all things energy. Learn the different forms that energy can take, what physical laws govern energy and get a hands-on experience with generating electricity and building electrical grids!

The Experience Energy gallery presents alternate methods of electrical generation and ideas to conserve energy. It features exhibits that show how wind, coal and solar power are converted to electricity and interactive stations that explain the energy efficiency of new and old appliances. Learn the pros and cons of electric vehicles, biofuels and combustion engines. Get hands-on with energy in the highly-interactive gallery.

Explore energy creation and conservation at home!

Take what you learned inside Experience Energy and become mayor of your own city and lead the effort to transform it into the greenest, most energy-efficient city in the world! Play Plan It Green Live for free! Design and build your personal green metropolis in this new social gaming experience from National Geographic. Plan It Green Live was created by National Geographic in conjunction with the Center for Science — of which, the Saint Louis Science Center is a founding member.


Gallery Partners

The gallery was made possible by a grant from the Department of Energy. The grant, in partnership with Missouri University of Science and Technology, focused on electric vehicles, energy and energy-related professions.

Contributors to Experience Energy with a local presence include Ameren, MicroGrid Solar, Six Flags St. Louis and Peabody Energy. Ameren donated electrical poles, wiring, a transformer, a light and manpower for installation. MicroGrid Solar outfitted the gallery with a solar panel. Six Flags St. Louis made it possible for a Science Center crew to film on its roller coasters. Peabody Energy provided coal to be used in the Powered by Coal exhibit.

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