How much does it cost to visit the Science Center?

General admission to the Science Center is always free. We have a wide variety of free attractions for you to take advantage of when you visit.

General admission tickets are no longer required for Science Center guests. Guests may enter on a walk-in basis throughout the day. Learn how to Explore Safe. or call 314-289-4424.

Some special attractions are ticketed, including special exhibitions, OMNIMAX® Theater films, James S. McDonnell Planetarium Shows, the Experience Flight Simulators, and the Virtual Reality Transporter.

For more information or pricing, visit our Ticketed Attractions page or call 314.289.4400.

Where can I buy tickets?

General admission to the Science Center is always free, but tickets to special exhibitions, OMNIMAX films and McDonnell Planetarium Shows can be purchased online any time.

Tickets for the Experience Flight Simulators, and the Virtual Reality Transporter must be purchased on site at the box office in the Oakland Building. If you’re running late or forgot to get tickets for an OMNIMAX film, you can use the self-service kiosk outside the theater, across from The Loft. Credit and debit only.

Members can take advatage of their benefits by getting their tickets online!*

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*Free OMNIMAX® Theater tickets cannot be reserved online

For more information or pricing, visit our Ticketed Attractions page or call 314.289.4400.

Where should I park at the Science Center?

Parking at the Oakland Building at 5050 Oakland Avenue costs $12 during our regular season (Labor Day to Memorial Day), $15 during the summer season (Memorial Day to Labor Day), and is free for Science Center members year-round.

Parking is not currently available at the McDonnell Planetarium, which is connected to the Oakland Building by a walkable Skybridge over Interstate 64/Highway 40. The Planetarium entrance is temporarily closed.

The Oakland lot features parking for fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles, as well as vehicles displaying disabled placards. Visitors may wish to drop off individuals with mobility concerns in the circle drive in front of the Oakland Building entrance.

Does the Science Center offer access to Forest Park?

The McDonnell Planetarium is located within Forest Park and is connected to the Oakland Building at by a walkable bridge that spans Interstate 64/Highway 40. The bridge, also known as the Skybridge, takes people across the highway, through a tunnel and into the Planetarium. Access to Forest Park via the Planetarium is currently unavailable.

Can I bring my own food and drink? Is food available for purchase at the Science Center?

No outside food is allowed inside of the Science Center.

The Science Center has several locations that offer a variety of food and drinks, including sandwiches, salads, pizza and more. You may bring food and drink that you have purchased into the OMNIMAX Theater.

View the hours of our dining locations

How long should I plan to stay at the Science Center?

It depends on you – and how much time you have. If you want to see the entire Science Center and experience all of the ticketed venues, you might be here all day. However, you can experience several activities in just a few hours. Most paid venues take an average of 30-45 minutes, and time spent in the exhibits and attractions will vary depending on your interest in the subject and how much you interact with the various activities.

In short, no matter how much time you spend at the Science Center, you’ll have a blast – and you’ll want to come back for more.

Can I take photographs at the Science Center?

Photography is allowed in most areas. Look for signs prohibiting the use of photography in certain areas and exhibitions. For example, most traveling special exhibitions do not allow photography within the actual exhibition space.

Professional photographers or videographers are advised to contact our staff in media relations.

I'm a nursing mother. Where can I go to nurse?

Our nursing station is located on the lower level of the Oakland Building. Please go to the Information Desk in the Oakland Building lobby, and a Visitor Services Agent will assist you.

While we do provide a private, secure area for nursing mothers, it is not required that you use this area. There are plenty of benches and/or chairs throughout the Science Center that should be easily accessible during your visit.

Can I rent a wheelchair, stroller, or motorized scooter at the Science Center?

Wheelchairs and strollers are free to rent and are available in the lobbies of the Oakland Building and the McDonnell Planetarium. The Science Center also has a limited number of motorized scooters available for a $25 fee. Please ask a Visitor Services team member and they will be happy to assist you. Please note that supplies are limited.

Learn more about accessibility at the Science Center.

I lost an item at the Science Center. Where should I go?

If you lose something during your visit, please visit the Information Desk in the Oakland Building lobby, or call our hotline at 314.289.1422. Leave a message along with your phone number. Calls are returned on a regular basis.

Will the Science Center donate to my fundraiser?

The Saint Louis Science Center is proud to honor donation requests for charitable fundraisers. Preference is given to non-profit organizations with educational missions who are using the donation to raise funds (through an auction, raffle, or similar activity) for a specific charitable cause. Note that donation requests must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the date of the fundraising event.

Learn more about our donation policy and submit a request.

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