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What is a makerspace?

Makerspaces are interactive, community-oriented spaces where you can create and learn skills using a variety of different tools and materials.

In the Science Center’s Makerspace you can explore science, technology,
engineering and your creativity!  Our Makerspace will inspire you to be a maker — Play, Imagine, Build, Adapt, Modify, Work Together, and have fun.

Learn a new skill or build something cool by signing up for a workshop in our Maker Classroom! See the schedule below.

Our exhibits include:

  • Air Ball – Play to experiment how wind effects different objects. Then use the materials to create a game to teach to someone else!
  • Float and Fly – Create an object using simple materials and then test it to see if it flies.  Then Adapt your design to make it float!
  • Sail Race – Design a sail using Tinkertoys and fabric and then send it down the racetrack. Can you Modify your sail to beat the best time of the day?
  • Ball Run – Assemble the magnetic pipes to get a ball from start to finish on one side of the ball run. Work Together with others to try and get the ball around all four sides of the cube!
  • Rigamajig – Imagine and Build something larger than yourself using our Rigamajig building materials!

Visit our Maker Garage and Interact with local St. Louis makers!

Please note, the Makerspace will be closed October 24th to October 26th for cleaning

Classes are designed as family activities for ages 7 and up. Classes run for 45 minutes.

$8 Members (ages 7-14). $10 non-members*

*Prices are per project and multiple people can work on the same project. 


October Class: Mimicry Masks

Build a fabric mask. Camouflage and mimicry are the sources of some of the most interesting patterns in the animal kingdom. Learn about some of these patterns and how they help the animals that bear them. Then create a mask that uses those same patterns!

November: Scribblebots

Engineer your very own vibration based marking robot. Learn basic circuits using a low voltage motor, wires, and batteries. Find new uses for everyday objects as you personalize your bot. And then watch your machine create wild lines across the table.

December: Laser Engraved Holiday Decorations

Join us this December in the Makerspace Classroom to create your own Holiday Decorations. Using paint and other art materials on laser engraved wood customize your own keepsake. Before the class, we will take you behind the scenes in Maker and show you the different staff, tools, and tech that went into creating the engraving. You will even see the Laser Engraver in action.

Please note, the Makerspace will be closed October 24th to October 26th for cleaning

Class times

• Only 1:30 PM classes through the 18th of December
• December 19th – December 31st: 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM classes

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