Here at the Saint Louis Science Center, we’re proud to be part of a community that values and rewards the exploration of science and creativity.

It makes St. Louis an amazing place to visit – and an even more spectacular place to live.

One reason? Here in our city, visitor and residents alike enjoy unparalleled, free access to a wide range of cultural institutions – including the Science Center. It’s made possible thanks in large part to the Metroplitan Zoological Park and Museum District (ZMD).

Since 1971, residents of St. Louis City and County have generously supported the ZMD. The ZMD is a property tax-supported district governed by an eight member Board of Directors, each appointed for a four-year term by the Mayor of the City of St. Louis and the St. Louis County Executive.

The ZMD distributes funds through five culture sub districts, one of which includes the Saint Louis Science Center. The Science Center is able to offer free general admission to all who enter its doors thanks to the generous support from the residents of the ZMD.

Other institutions in the Zoo-Museum district include:

Missouri Botanical Garden

Saint Louis Art Museum

Missouri Historical Society

Saint Louis Zoo

To learn more about the ZMD, visit

View the 2018-2019 ZMD Report to the Community.