How to Extract Strawberry DNA

In this easy science experiment, Lauren shows us how to extract DNA from a strawberry using common household materials. Connect with curiosity!

Chromatography Explained, Rainbow of Colors

Chromatography: A Popular Laboratory Technique

Even if you’ve never heard of chromatography, you have probably seen it in action. Chromatography is a process of separating a mixture of chemicals into various parts. It can be used in forensics and for testing food, beverages, and prescription drugs. In this at-home experiment, we use water, markers, and paper towel strips to better… Continue reading

Elephant Toothpaste: A Classic Science Experiment

Have you ever seen Elephant Toothpaste? In this at-home chemistry demonstration, we return to a classic. Watch as Lauren uses household items to create a substance that foams, bubbles, and changes temperature. Connect with curiosity!

Potato and Mint – Youth Exploring Science (YES) Community Science

Now is the perfect time to plant potatoes and mint in your garden. They are both quick to grow and are very hearty. Our Supervisor for the Agriscience Component of the Youth Exploring Science Program, Kerry, shows us what we need to know and how easy this is to try at home! Connect with curiosity!