Meet our GROW summer YES teen!

You might remember from our last GROW blog post that the GROW team is hosting a teen from the Youth Exploring Science (YES) program over the summer. That would be me! My name is Christopher, and I’m going to be helping around the GROW gallery (mostly at the greenhouse) as well as writing blog posts… Continue reading

Now Open: The GROW Greenhouse

Have you ever visited the GROW gallery and wondered, “When will the aquaponics greenhouse ever be open?!” Well, you’re in luck! Thanks to safety improvements made by our exhibits department, the greenhouse is now open for self-guided exploration during the Science Center’s normal operating hours. We were able to creatively reuse material from the recently… Continue reading

How to Extract Strawberry DNA

In this easy science experiment, Lauren shows us how to extract DNA from a strawberry using common household materials. Connect with curiosity!

Chromatography Explained, Rainbow of Colors

Chromatography: A Popular Laboratory Technique

Even if you’ve never heard of chromatography, you have probably seen it in action. Chromatography is a process of separating a mixture of chemicals into various parts. It can be used in forensics and for testing food, beverages, and prescription drugs. In this at-home experiment, we use water, markers, and paper towel strips to better… Continue reading

Elephant Toothpaste: A Classic Science Experiment

Have you ever seen Elephant Toothpaste? In this at-home chemistry demonstration, we return to a classic. Watch as Lauren uses household items to create a substance that foams, bubbles, and changes temperature. Connect with curiosity!