Where you’re part of the action!

The OMNIMAX® Theater is an experience like no other!  The massive, crystal clear images projected on our 5 story, 79ft. diameter dome fill your entire field of vision, and combined with 14,400 watts of surround sound, create a truly immersive sight and sound film experience.  The OMNIMAX (also known as IMAX® Dome) architecture and state-of-the-art technology combine to create experiences so real you'll forget you're in a theater. A ticket to our OMNIMAX Theater is not just a ticket to a movie, but a ticket to someplace else entirely.  Here you aren't just watching a movie, you are part of the movie, right in the center of the action.  The IMAX experience takes you places you have only dreamed of going, and the IMAX sound system ensures you won't just hear the movie - you'll feel it in your bones. 

More about OMNIMAX®:

  • It is a large format, 70mm film projection system that uses legendary IMAX® technology to create images of unsurpassed resolution and impact.  
  • IMAX film has the largest film frame in motion picture history – ten times the size of a standard 35mm frame! 
  • In just 45 minutes, the projector moves more than 10,000 feet of film (that's almost 2 miles!) at 24 frames per second.
  • The IMAX sound system is capable of reproducing sounds as clear as a pin drop or as soft as a breeze, and it can accurately recreate a space shuttle launch.
  • The projector houses a water-cooled, 15,000 watt pressurized xenon arc lamp with a light output of more than 600,000 lumens.
  • Thanks to a glass-enclosed projection room, you can watch as the Projectionist loads the projector and elevates it into position for starting and viewing the show.
  • The OMNIMAX® Theater offers the Rear Window closed captioning service for all films at all showtimes. (unless otherwise noted.)  We also have assisted listening earpieces that amplify the volume of the movie.  Just see a theater staff member and we will take care of you.  

See what's playing in the OMNIMAX® Theater!