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The OMNIMAX® Theater is an experience like no other!  Sit under a 5 story, 79ft. diameter tilted, domed screen while taking in breathtaking, awe inspiring scenery. Relax and let sight and sound take over as images come leaping toward and around you, while the six channel sound system tricks you into believing you’re really there!  The OMNIMAX® image fills your entire field of vision, and the audio surrounds you to create a truly immersive sight and sound film experience.  Come enjoy our wonderful, educational and entertaining OMNIMAX® shows!

OMNIMAX® (also known as IMAX® Dome) is a large format, 70mm film projection system that uses legendary IMAX® technology to create amazing images of unsurpassed resolution and impact.  Combined with 15,000 watts and six channels of digital surround sound, it is the ultimate movie experience.  IMAX® film has the largest film frame in motion picture history – ten times the size of a standard 35mm frame!  In just 40 minutes, the projector carries more than 10,000 feet of film at 24 frames per second.  Thanks to a glass-enclosed projection room, you can watch as the Projectionist loads the projector and elevates it into position for starting and viewing the show.

*The OMNIMAX® Theater offers the Rear Window captioning service for all films at all showtimes. (unless otherwise noted.)

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