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The community science department is about giving, contributing, and helping individuals connect with the Saint Louis Science Center. We engage in outreach on a daily basis by aligning ourselves with the Science Center’s mission, “to ignite and sustain life-long science and technology learning.” We do this by working collaboratively with and through organizations, and groups of people affiliated by geographic proximity, special interest, or similar situations. These organizations, groups, and individuals are our community partners. They play a vital role in our engagement process and relevancy in the community. They serve as a pipeline for receiving and disseminating information about the Science Center. We’re also mobile in our outreach; we visit populations who may not otherwise have access to our location.

Our focus is to bring the Saint Louis Science Center to the community, and the community to the Science Center.

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FEATURE: Python Games
What happens to education when nearly everyone is told to stay at home amid a global pandemic? It’s a question many are grappling with as the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to disrupt the ways we work, live, and learn.

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