Gateway to STEM

Gateway to STEM is a free, searchable database of local STEM educational resources and opportunities for educators, parents, and students of all ages, from pre-K through higher education and beyond. Local companies and nonprofits continually add resources to this ever-growing database, which is paramount to empowering teachers to implement innovative STEM education in the classroom.

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Gateway to STEM was created by the Science Center in collaboration with the Carnegie Science Center’s STEMisphere® program. Resources include the following, all of which can be filtered by grade level, subject, Pathway Learning Area, location and more.

Programs and Events
Lesson Plans
FAB Lab / Maker Activities
Documents Research

Interactive Media
Awards / Scholarships / Competitions
Career Development

If your school is interested in learning more about Gateway to STEM, or if you’d like to add resources to the Gateway to STEM database, please contact Teacher Programs at 314.286.4623.

STEM Excellence Pathway

In partnership with the Carnegie Science Center, we’re also proud to offer the STEM Excellence Pathway®, an initiative built on the belief that schools and teachers can work together to improve STEM education practices.