STEM Excellence Pathway®

This is no longer offered by the Saint Louis Science Center

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Districts and science teachers are inundated with challenges to focus on and improve STEM education. The competing demands of district stakeholders, test scores and parents can leave teachers feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. The Saint Louis Science Center is proud to provide the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway® to help schools and districts evaluate and improve STEM education.

This Pathway was created by the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh to serve as a roadmap for schools and districts to self-diagnose their current STEM offerings on a matrix which includes community involvement, student buy-in and educator preparedness. Teams would then use this diagnosis to create a plan of action in order to affect manageable change in their schools and districts. The Pathway fosters long-term, strategic planning with a focus on continuous, iterative growth.

Designed to help the widest range of school districts adopt best practices in STEM education, the Pathway includes:

  • An assessment tool for current STEM programming
  • A process for creating a practical plan for improvement
  • Teacher professional development and district to district mentoring
  • Guide to specific steps a school or district can take to improve STEM education
  • Recognition for schools that are embracing and moving toward effective STEM education

Built for your schedule

The Pathway at the Saint Louis Science Center has been designed to meet your needs, schedule and budget. Whether you have a single morning or a whole school year, there is a program that can help improve your STEM education offerings.

STEM Excellence Pathway Website

For educators wanting to evaluate their school’s STEM programs, this free tool is the place to start.

Facilitated by the Saint Louis Science Center, an Official Pathway Provider

Emerging Workshop

For teams of educators and administrators that want the time to deeply evaluate their programs and develop an action plan for improvement, the Emerging Workshop is the first full workshop on the pathway. This workshop is available as one full day or two half-day workshops.

STEM Excellence Pathway

The most comprehensive version of the Pathway, this option leads teams through a year of three workshops designed to evaluate, plan, collaborate and reflect on their STEM programs and their strategies of improvement.

Emerging Workshop Professional Developments (3-hours each)

Part 1: Defining STEM

Learn about the STEM Excellence Pathway and work with colleagues to develop a common definition of STEM in today’s education environment. Explore sample STEM projects and self-evaluate your school or district’s current STEM offerings based on 20 criteria. This eye-opening workshop is empowering and gives teams a realistic idea of where they stand in terms of their STEM programs.

Part 2: Planning for STEM Success

Armed with a snapshot of their STEM offerings, educators and administrators review their ratings and choose areas for improvement. Teams then create a plan of how to tackle their priority areas while discussing each other’s past experiences and best practices. Plans are then fleshed out to include specific measurable steps for implementation, assuring team success.

NOTE: This program requires a finished self-evaluation to book.

Official Pathway Providers are trained to facilitate the workshops of the Pathway; helping teams successfully navigate their self-evaluation and planning processes, while increasing collaboration and improvement outcomes.

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