STEM Excellence Pathway®

In partnership with the Carnegie Science Center, the Saint Louis Science Center is excited to offer the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway®, a free, strategic planning process to improve STEM education at your school or district. The Pathway fosters thinking about long-term, strategic goals with a focus on continuous growth.

Designed to help the widest range of school districts adopt best practices in STEM education, the Pathway includes:

  • An assessment tool for current STEM programming
  • A process for creating a practical plan for improvement
  • Teacher professional development and district to district mentoring
  • Guide to specific steps a school or district can take to improve STEM education
  • Recognition for schools that are embracing and moving toward effective STEM education



Through periodic repetition of the Pathway’s process – self-evaluation, planning and resource identification, and implementation – schools and districts can progress to higher levels of STEM education excellence.

If your school is interested in learning more about the STEM Excellence Pathway through the Saint Louis Science Center, please contact Teacher Programs at 314.286.4623.

Gateway to STEM

It is paramount that teachers have access to resources to assist in their implementation of STEM. Gateway to STEM is a free, searchable community database that provides teachers, parents and students access to educational STEM resources.