American Alliance of Museums

The Saint Louis Science Center is proud to be a member of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), the primary professional organization for American museums.

AAM’s mission is to champion museums and nurture excellence through thought leadership, global thinking, advocacy, and providing professional development opportunities to museum professionals.

In addition to holding a Tier 3 institutional membership in AAM – the highest level membership – the Science Center is also accredited by AAM. Accreditation is a rigorous review process, based on an 8-16 month evaluation of the museum’s operations and impact. Not all museum are accredited, and it is considered a mark of distinction to pursue and receive accreditation.

About the AAM

AAM also facilitates the Museum Assessment Program (MAP), which the Science Center is currently using as part of our Community Engagement Initiative. Our connection to AAM is critical to achieving our mission of igniting and sustaining lifelong science and technology learning, and has enabled us to create exceptional experiences for our visitors and members.