Become a SciFest Exhibitor

SciFest exhibitors allow the public to not only be exposed to a variety of STEAM careers, but also to see how STEAM principles are used across a variety of careers.

Most people only think of scientists and engineers as using STEM in the workplace, but the truth is that most of us use STEM principles every day in some way.

For example, firemen from the St. Louis Fire Department were invited to participate in SciFest: Tornado Alley, and helped attendees understand how fire works, how fire and smoke and heat affect biological life, and the engineering and technology principles behind their tools and equipment.

Things to Consider

If you’d like to become a SciFest exhibitor, here are a few prerequisites and guidelines to consider:

  • You must have a desire to share what you do and how you use STEAM applications as part of your work.
  • You should be available to engage the public through either a 15-20 minute presentation or for the entire day of the event at a station or booth in a more personal interactive manner.

SciFest Artwork

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