Virtual Reality Transporter

Explore the universe from the best seat in the house.

Journey through space and time with our state-of-the-art motion-based virtual reality exhibit. The latest visual display technology allows you to dive into the darkest depths of a prehistoric ocean, or feel like you’re floating through space from the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle Discovery.


This is a paid experience.

Members: $9
Non-members: $10
Tickets for the Virtual Reality Transporter are available at the Science Center. Call our box office at 314.289.4400 for more information.


Masters of Motion

While VR technology mimics the immersive visuals of the real world, Pulseworks motion and effects technology confirms what wearers are seeing by providing input to their other senses. Dynamic motion provides important cues to the brain that they are really traveling, and stunning surround-sound audio and other effects heighten feelings of realism. The effect of the VR Transporter is so powerful that many guests will try to reach out and touch objects as they pass by.

Flight Pass

  • Virtual Reality Transporter ticket
  • 1 Motion Simulator or 1 360 Flight Simulator Ride
  • Planetarium Star Show ticket
  • $17.95

Flight Passes are available at the Science Center or over the phone. Call us at 314.289.4400 to reserve your passes or purchase them at our Box Office in the main lobby or Planetarium lobby today.

Offer available only until November 28, 2019


Featured Adventures

Riders must be at least 42 inches tall. Eyeglasses and hats may not be worn during the adventure.

Apollo 11 & Beyond VR

Climb aboard a massive Saturn V rocket and blast off for adventure to witness humankind’s first inspiring steps on the Moon. Learn how early spaceflight pioneers like the Apollo astronauts made the successes of the subsequent Space Shuttle program and International Space Station possible and helped forge a new path towards long-term planetary exploration. Glimpse how small steps will lead to giant leaps in the future as the exploration of Mars begins.

Spacewalk: Danger in Orbit

Blast off into space in the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle Discovery as you embark on an exciting extravehicular activity (EVA). Tour the International Space Station and fly through space on crucial missions using NASA’s new, state of the-art manned-maneuvering unit.

Prehistoric Undersea Adventure

Dive into prehistoric seas and experience the amazing marine life of the distant past. Swim with primordial creatures and tour the ocean floor without ever leaving land.

Members ride at a discount.

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