Membership Pledge

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Support Science For Everyone

As a part of St. Louis, the Science Center is grateful to have the generous support of our members, donors and community. While we were closed due to the impact of COVID-19, we took the opportunity to reimagine, reshape and rethink the Science Center. During those months, our
Science Center team adjusted programming to give you a museum from the comfort of your own home, we worked tirelessly to reopen the building safely for everyone, and we never forgot the importance of science in helping each of us understand the changing world around us.

While the world searched for answers to the challenges facing our global community, we examined our identity and how we can make an even greater impact on the study of science. The Science Center mission is to “ignite and sustain lifelong science and technology learning”, and with this in mind, we dove deep and developed an enlightened focus and pledge defining what the Science Center membership community stands for.


A Pledge To Our Membership Community

The Saint Louis Science Center is more than just a museum. We’re a community, and together we inspire, challenge and lift one another. We welcome each curious mind to question every assumption and test every theory.

In an often uncertain world, we put science at the center of everything. We’re guided by proof, not presumption. And through that critical lens, we find answers. We find hope.

Science lights the way for every dreamer and discoverer, every innovator and explorer. By supporting science, you become a part of those journeys, and we hope to inspire you to embark on your own.

St. Louis is part of our DNA and for nearly three decades we have supported science education in our community. We invite you to play an important part in our mission and help us illuminate what science makes possible. Together, we move forward to the future — connected together by the Saint Louis Science Center.

Our Focus

Science First

Science has never been more relevant to our daily lives. We are dedicated to being your resource for science education and a space for science supporters.


We will continue to support the St. Louis region in science and technology education for the discoveries of today and the breakthroughs of tomorrow.

Forward Together

With each new advancement and in spite of inevitable setbacks, we have the opportunity to learn from one another for a better future together.

Safe Institution

We are dedicated to providing you a place of hope, facts and logic, as well as a space that is safe, comforting and inspiring.