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Engage your young scientist in science-related learning with the Preschool Science Series! Through interactive stories and hands-on exploration, children learn about science, as well as language, problem solving and social skills. !

Classes are offered year-round, with different topics each week. Each class date can be purchased individually.

$8 per member child (ages 3+); $10 non-members.
Space is limited. Reservations required by the Friday prior to class date.
Call 314.289.4424.
One adult per 4 children required.

Classes are located in the GROW meeting room on the first floor near the entrance to GROW.

Monday and Tuesday Classes (10-10:45am)
(Registration now open!)

Bats vs. Birds – June 11 & 12
Learn the similarities and differences between these flying animals, and how they help with pollination.

Insects and Spiders – June 18 & 19
Explore insects and spiders that aren’t so creepy, but a little crawly. Learn the important roles they play in our world.

Life Underground – June 25 & 26
Dig deep and discover plants, animals, and a few surprises that can be found underground.

Super Sun – July 9 & 10
Learn about the power of the sun and its impact on our lives.

Marvelous Moon – July 16 & 17
The moon is a familiar object in the night sky. Learn about its features and create an artistic model of the moon to take home.

Space Explorer – July 23 & 24
Imagine possibilities for space exploration and build a model of your idea.

Transportation Tech – August 13 & 14
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles! Examine how people have merged transportation and technology and construct a vehicle of your own.

Conservation Innovations – August 20 & 21
Learn about how scientists are using technology in conservation efforts.

Natural Disaster Tech – August 27 & 28
Explore how scientists are tracking and predicting natural disasters with the help of technology.

Classes are located in the GROW meeting room on the first floor near the entrance to GROW.

Monday and Tuesday Classes (10-10:45am)
(Member registration opens July 1; non-member August 1)

What is a Paleontologist? – September 10 & 11
Learn about the tools paleontologists use and try them out as you dig for fossils.

Fascinating Fossils – September 17 & 18
Discover different kinds of fossils and their unique features.

Chomp, Stomp, Roar – September 24 & 25
Explore dinosaur adaptations and how they were helpful to dinosaurs.

Cartography– October 8 & 9
How to get from here to there? Unlock the codes with maps and map making.

Camouflage – October 16 & 17
Hidden in plain sight, learn about camouflage and the expert animals who use it every day.

Healthy You – October 22 & 23
How do you measure up? Learn about what makes you unique, and record your findings in a personalized health journal.

Germs! – November 12 & 13
What are germs and why are they so icky? Learn how to protect yourself, and what to do if germs get the best of you.

Cooking Chemistry – November 19 & 20
There’s a scientist in the kitchen…and they’re cooking up something good! Use science and math to create favorite recipes.

Make Music – November 26 & 27
Craft instruments using everyday materials, then get moving and join in the band!

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