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OMNIMAX® Theater

Where you’re part of the action!

The OMNIMAX Theater is an experience like no other!

The massive, crystal clear images projected on our 5 story, 79 ft. diameter dome fill your entire field of vision, and combined with 14,400 watts of surround sound, create a truly immersive sight and sound experience.

The OMNIMAX Theater, also known as an IMAX Dome® Theater, architecture and technology combine to create experiences that transport you out of the theater to someplace else entirely.

Here you aren’t just watching a movie, you are part of the movie!

More about the OMNIMAX Theater:

    • The OMNIMAX is a large format, IMAX® 70 mm film projection system. Films are projected onto a giant dome screen with unsurpassed resolution and impact. 
    • IMAX film is the largest film frame in motion picture history, 10 times the size of a standard 35 mm frame and three times the size of standard 70 mm frames. 
    • In just 45 minutes, the projector moves more than 13,500 feet of film (2.5 miles!) at 24 frames per second.
    • The OMNIMAX sound system surrounds you with 14,400 watts and six channels of crystal clear, thunderous audio. 
    • The projector houses a water-cooled, 15,000 watt pressurized xenon arc lamp with a light output of more than 600,000 lumens.
    • Thanks to a glass-enclosed projection room, you can watch as the Projectionist loads the projector and elevates it into position.
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