Singing Goblets

Singing goblets! In this at-home activity, learn how to make musical sounds with just a glass and some water. The key is sound vibrations; as our fingers run along the rim of the glass, the friction causes the glass to vibrate and make the noise that we hear. We can change the noise, or the… Continue reading

Magic? Or is it Science?!

In this at-home lesson, learn how to ‘pull’ off the classic tablecloth magic trick by understanding Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion for an activity that everyone can participate in!

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Makerspace: Learn to Play Exquisite Corpse

Learn to Play Exquisite Corpse! This fun drawing game uses chance and teamwork to create surreal drawings. Gather your supplies and a couple friends, then watch the video to learn to play! You will need: Any drawing implements (pencils, crayons, markers) Paper Family and friends  

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Build Your Own Automaton

Build Your Own Automaton! An automaton is a machine that animates a figure using a hand-crank. Automata have been made for over 2,000 years by many cultures. In Greek, the name translates to “acting of one’s own will.” Gather your supplies and tools, then watch the video to learn how to create your own automaton… Continue reading