The Experience Flight team is thrilled to announce some big changes with our flight simulators! Our long-serving Ride Simulator, which we’d affectionately called “Blue,” has been swapped out for a new machine. Taking up the mantle from this popular machine is our new Adventure Pod, which we’ve appropriately named “Red!”

This newly renovated machine offers many of the same experiences as our old Ride Simulator, but with a more modern feel. You can expect:

  • Improved audio and visual experiences
  • Higher degrees of motion
  • Quicker and quieter ingress and egress
  • Smoother ride
  • More comfortable climate controls

The improvements to this machine should also make our turnaround time much quicker, allowing more guests to participate in any given day. The price for this ride remains $5 per rider.

Please come check it out at your leisure! We’d love to show off everything the new machine can do. Those of you who were fans of “Blue,” fret not! Much in the same way “Red” was refurbished and brought up to modern spec, “Blue” will renovated and returned to use at some other lucky institution.


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