SciFest 2017

Spark your curiosity at our annual series of weekend expos! Meet local scientists, engineers and other experts for a behind-the-scenes look at real science. Bring your friends and family back each month to explore new fields, find new hobbies, and meet the people who are doing amazing things in our own backyard — all free and open to the public.


April 15: Brain Matters

Learn how you think, and think about how you learn, all at our annual celebration of the brain. Meet real neuroscientists and touch a real human brain. The nervous system is one of the most intriguing aspects of the human body and sits at the center of disciplines like psychology, neurobiology and even philosophy – there’s truly something to amaze and inspire everyone. Click here for the full schedule. 


May 13: Game On!

Coding technology is surging forward, and the Science Center invites you to learn about how you can get involved in making your own apps and games. Join local programmers and video game designers to hear their stories, demo their games in development, and see what’s possible with the power of code!


June 17-18: Mega Machines

Towering above us, cranes, bulldozers, fire trucks and combines are able to accomplish awe-inspiring things every day. The roar of their engines excites young girls and boys, and those young at heart, too! Head to the Science Center over Father’s Day Weekend to learn more about the design and use of these goliaths, and how you could be in the driver’s seat someday.


July 15: Bright Ideas Expo

Creativity comes to life at Bright Ideas Expo, bringing together the artists, entrepreneurs, crafters, tinkerers, hackers, and other creative experts who make St. Louis a vibrant, thriving city. See the experts in action, find a new hobby that piques your interest, and learn about the places in St. Louis where you can foster your new hobby into a lifetime passion.


August 19-20: Eclipsed!

Lead up to the Great American Eclipse on Monday, August 21 with a weekend of space exploration at the Science Center. Hear from local astronomers and planetary scientists about how eclipses happen and how you can view them safely. Learn what NASA and other space initiatives are studying, and see the night sky at high noon in the James S. McDonnell Planetarium.


September 23: Rock, Fossil, Quake

Revisit the age of dinosaurs with our SciFest highlighting earth science and paleontology. Learn how our region’s volcanic past shaped our local parks. Hear about how you can best be prepared for a Midwest mega-earthquake. And find out if your favorite dinosaur may have once roamed the land – or swam the sea – that is now Missouri and Illinois.


October 14: Music-ology

Shake, rattle and roll with a backstage pass to learn about the science of music. Head to the Science Center for a day of live concerts and presentations about what makes music distinct from other noise and how the math underlying soundwaves plays a pivotal role. Physics and math have never sounded so good.


November 4: Healthy U.

SciFest 2017 culminates with our annual celebration of health! Study up on easy tips you can use to make healthier everyday choices for you and your family and friends. Kids and adults alike can get their questions answered by all sorts of experts on-site. You’ll learn a lot at Healthy U., but don’t worry, there’s no final exam!