Artifact of the Week: Megalodon Tooth

The scientific name “megalodon” means “big tooth,” which perfectly describes this extinct species of shark. Not only was megalodon the biggest shark in the world, but it was one of the largest fish to ever exist! Its massive teeth are almost three times larger than the teeth of a modern great white shark. Megalodons swam… Continue reading

GROW greenhouse

Greenhouse Update: What About the Fish?

Shortly after writing the last blog post, we replanted in our deep-water culture with seedlings we started in soil. With the newly introduced seedlings, we’re diligently watching for any signs of new infestations. We laid out new sticky traps to keep an eye on the insect populations but haven’t seen any major changes from last… Continue reading

GROW greenhouse

Greenhouse Pest Update: Trapped and Recorded

It’s been two weeks since we started our pest-control adventure in the greenhouse, and since then we’ve made a lot of fascinating discoveries. We laid out sticky traps to survey the different kinds of insects living in the greenhouse, and now we’ve been taking the traps back to our exhibit microscope to take a closer… Continue reading

Aphids: Greenhouse Invaders

Today we meet the aphids! Aphids are tiny (and I mean really tiny, sometimes only a little larger than a grain of sand) insects that feed on the sap of plants. Despite the fact that they are problematic to farmers everywhere, aphids are very unique insects. There are more than 5,000 species in the aphidoidea… Continue reading

Meet our GROW summer YES teen!

You might remember from our last GROW blog post that the GROW team is hosting a teen from the Youth Exploring Science (YES) program over the summer. That would be me! My name is Christopher, and I’m going to be helping around the GROW gallery (mostly at the greenhouse) as well as writing blog posts… Continue reading

GROW greenhouse

Now Open: The GROW Greenhouse

Have you ever visited the GROW gallery and wondered, “When will the aquaponics greenhouse ever be open?!” Well, you’re in luck! Thanks to safety improvements made by our exhibits department, the greenhouse is now open for self-guided exploration during the Science Center’s normal operating hours. We were able to creatively reuse material from the recently… Continue reading

Surgical Amputation Set – Ca. 1850

During the American Civil War, surgeons became all too familiar with using this particular set of tools. Of the wounds recorded during the war, more than 70% were to the extremities, with amputation the most common operation of the Civil War surgeon. This surgical set contains most of the instruments needed for battlefield surgery: long,… Continue reading

Are the Bees Buzzing over Winter?

Fall is a nerve-wracking time for honeybee keepers, who often fret about whether their bees have enough honey reserves to survive the winter or whether mites have decimated their bee populations. Bees will typically only leave their hive when the weather is pleasant (at least in the 50Fs and sunny), so it’s hard to walk… Continue reading

Did we find life on Venus?

Scientists may be getting warmer in the search for life in the cosmos. Research released on September 14, 2020 in the journal of Nature Astronomy suggests the discovery of phosphine gas in the atmosphere of Venus – a possible signature of microbial life on our planetary neighbor. While an exciting discovery, much is still unknown about… Continue reading

Collections – Kaiser-i-hind butterfly

Also known as ‘The Emperor of India,’ this rare and magnificent butterfly is found along the Eastern Himalayas. The Kaiser-i-hind is a type of swallowtail butterfly that lives exclusively in the higher elevation forests between 6,000 and 10,000 feet above sea level. Logging activities in the Himalayas have diminished the butterfly’s habitat and placed it… Continue reading