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Read a message from the President & CEO of the Saint Louis Science Center, Todd Bastean.

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30th Anniversary


Celebrate 30 years of the Saint Louis Science Center opening its doors to the public with the 5050 Oakland Building expansion. Take a look at some of the changes and updates that show how far your Science Center has come over the years.

Building A Bridge To Science

So what was at the 5050 Oakland Ave. site before?

Digging up History

Remember When...

Mummies of the World: The Exhibition Now Open

Explore different countries with mummification deeply rooted in their history and culture. Through modern science and technology, the past and secrets of these real people are now revealed.

Real Mummies. Real Science. Real People.

Every Mummy Has A Story To Be Told

Science Today

2020 brought science to the forefront as the world grappled with the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s explore how the emergence of different diseases and pandemics through the course of history has helped shape and change science and society as we know it.

How Epidemics and Pandemics Have Shaped Science and Human History.

Three Decades of Membership - The Tyrannosaurus Rex

Gallery Spotlight

Go behind the scenes of our Ecology & Environment gallery and discover how we keep learning about dinosaur fossils that existed millions of years ago.

Rediscovering the Ecology & Environment Gallery and Fossil Prep Lab.

Science @ Home


Help us congratulate our 2021 YES graduates and see what they are hoping
for their futures.

Congratulations to the YES Class of 2021!

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Educating Outside Of The Box


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Official Partners

The Saint Louis Science Center gratefully acknowledges the support of our Official Partners.

Membership Information & FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked membership questions, including questions about discounts, policies for lost cards, corporate matches for membership contributions, and more.