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The Saint Louis Science Center is continuing to ignite and sustain lifelong science and technology learning by using online content to engage our guests and members of all ages to keep learning and growing. Look for DIY science experiments that can be done at home, Amazing Science Demonstrations from our Energy Stage team, connections to local scientists, astronomy updates from our McDonnell Planetarium team, live chats and more.

Updated: May 24, 2020

How to Extract Strawberry DNA
In this easy science experiment, Lauren shows us how to extract DNA from a strawberry using common household materials.

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Chromatography Explained, Rainbow of ColorsChromatography: A Popular Laboratory Technique
Even if you’ve never heard of chromatography, you have probably seen it in action.

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Honey BeesHoney Bees Get a New Home
Follow along as Hannah and Maddie move an entire honey bee colony to their new home.

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Elephant Toothpaste: A Classic Science Experiment
Watch as Lauren uses household items to create a substance that foams, bubbles, and changes temperature.

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Stream OMNIMAX® Movies For Free

You can now experience OMNIMAX® Theater films in the comfort of your own home. Watch free from your computer or mobile device!

The Saint Louis Science Center is pleased to partner with Giant Screen Films in order to offer several popular OMNIMAX Theater titles online while theaters are temporarily closed. We look forward to welcoming guests back soon, but in the meantime, enjoy these IMAX® movies.

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Every Day at 9 AM!

Astronomy Fact of the Day
Learn about space and astronomy every day from our James S. McDonnell Planetarium! Moons, stars, planets and the history of how we’ve learned about our universe.

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Every Wednesday at 10 AM!

The Collections Department
Learn about some of the over 100,000 artifacts in our Collections Department. Kristina will take you through some of the more interesting, and oddball, items from our archives.

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STEM Demos
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Watch John at our Energy Stage Demonstrate what makes clouds, colorful fire, and whoosh rockets.

Science @ Home
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Explore the nature of the universe with these fun science activities you can do at home! Using safe and inexpensive materials you have around the house, these activities will be sure to get you asking questions and engaging with the ways that science is all around you.

Space Science
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Learn about the night sky above in the St. Louis Region and learn new Astronomy Facts every day!

Animal Science
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Go behind-the-scenes and see how we care for all of the different types of animals that live at the Science Center.

The Collections Department
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Did you know that the Science Center has more than 100,000 artifacts? Check out this video for a look at some of the amazing things that our Collection Department has and be sure to check back every Wednesday as we feature a new artifact from the collection.

Membership Science
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Our members have been busy at home working on science experiments and expanding their curiosity. If you want to share your own moments, submit your videos and photos to We can’t wait to see them.

Community Science
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The community science department is about giving, contributing, and helping individuals connect with the Saint Louis Science Center. We engage in outreach on a daily basis by aligning ourselves with the Science Center’s mission, “to ignite and sustain life-long science and technology learning.”

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Boy using space shuttle in Discovery Room.

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A Message to Our Community Regarding COVID-19

The Saint Louis Science Center is currently closed until further notice in line with our regional and national leaders’ efforts to curtail the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).


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